Unmatched Visual Performance

The SHARP/NEC PV710UL-W1-13, is a 7100-lumen LCD laser projector that brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront of professional installations. With support for 4K content and a suite of advanced features, this projector is designed to meet the demands of higher education and corporate environments. Here’s a closer look at what makes this projector a standout choice for professional applications.

4K Ready with Advanced Scaling

The PV710UL-W1-13 projector showcases NEC’s proprietary high-performance video processing and scaling chip, ensuring that stunning 4K 60P content is displayed without losing critical details. It supports HDR10 and BT.2020 signals from Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K TV broadcasting on all digital inputs, providing an exceptional viewing experience.

High Brightness for Any Environment

With a brightness of 7100 lumens (Center: 7400lm), this projector delivers vibrant and clear images suitable for a variety of applications, from large classrooms and meeting rooms to auditoriums and other expansive spaces.

Comprehensive Software Integration

The PV710UL-W1-13 comes with integrated software applications like AMX Beacon, Crestron Roomview, Extron XTP, and PJ link, allowing for complete interactivity and control. These tools enable seamless integration into existing systems and provide robust control capabilities.

ProAssist™ Software

This innovative software facilitates the control of the projector and adjustment of the projected image from a computer via a network. It simplifies the process of combining multiple projectors to create large-scale displays, making it ideal for collaborative environments.

Flexible Installation Options

This projector offers exceptional design and installation flexibility with a complete line of optional motorized lenses for lens shift, focus, and zoom. It supports roll-free installation and can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode, ensuring distortion-free content display in various orientations.

HDBaseT Input

The HDBaseT input simplifies installation by providing a single connection for uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power, and various control signals, reducing the need for multiple cables and enhancing setup efficiency.

User-Friendly Features

Quick Power On/Off

The projector features quick startup, allowing users to begin presenting within 3 to 4 seconds. Additionally, the quick power-off function ensures no cooling is required after shutdown, promoting efficient energy usage.

AutoSense™ Technology

AutoSense™ intuitively syncs the projector with most computer signals and features one-touch image optimization, making it easy to achieve the best possible image quality with minimal effort.

Dual HDMI Inputs

With dual HDMI inputs (including HDCP), the projector allows for quick switching between presentations and supports simultaneous digital connections of high-definition sources like Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and computers.

Advanced Features for Professional Use

Direct Power Off

This feature protects the lamp when the projector is accidentally unplugged or the power strip is switched off. The internal sensors monitor lamp temperature, allowing the fan to continue running until the lamp is properly cooled down, preventing damage and extending lamp life.

Built-in Wall Color Correction

The projector includes presets for adaptive color tone correction, ensuring accurate color display even on non-white surfaces.

Virtual Remote

Using the VGA cable, the virtual remote allows control of the projector directly from a computer without additional control cables, enhancing convenience and ease of use.

The NEC PV710UL-W1-13 projector sets a new standard in professional installation with its advanced features, robust control options, and unparalleled visual performance. Whether for higher education, corporate environments, or large venues, this projector offers the flexibility, reliability, and superior quality that professionals demand, at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.