Designed for use in retail, corporate, and educational environments, the Sony BRAVIA BZ35L series integrates seamlessly into your setup, enhancing operations and content sharing within today’s connected AV landscapes. Explore the standout features that make the BZ35L the ultimate display solution for your business needs.

Customize your Professional Display: Adaptable for Every Setting

Sony Bravia BZ35L Series full range of display solutions - retail, education and corporate spacesThe Sony Bravia BZ35L series offers a comprehensive range of display solutions for retail, education, and corporate spaces. Equipped with Multi Display Settings (MDS), the BZ35L series allows you to effortlessly create video walls by combining multiple displays. Whether you’re showcasing new products, delivering striking visuals, or enhancing your space, this series is ideal for digital signage, information displays, monitoring, meeting rooms, classrooms, lobbies, showrooms, and sports venues.

Exceptionally Bright in Multiple Sizes

The BZ35L Series displays have a high screen brightness of 550 nits, and a whopping 32GB storage (it can store chunk of all your videos, images and photos without worrying about running out of space) ensuring that visuals are punchy and high-impact, and always seen clearly. Available in screen sizes 55”, 65”, 75”and 85” to choose from.

Ultra HD Picture Quality and Realistic Detail:  Perfect for Business

Powered by Sony’s 4K HDR Processor X1, the BZ35L series delivers true-to-life colors and enhances lower-resolution images to a refined quality. You’ll notice every detail with smoother, clearer on-screen images, eliminating any blurry or jumpy scenes.

Comes with Wall-Mount Adjuster – can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation

This BRAVIA BZ35L Series comes with Wall-Mount Adjuster that allows you to mount the display centrally in either portrait or landscape oritentation. Then, there are Signal connections and networking interfaces located on the side of the display, making installation and access a breeze! No more awkward cable fumbling. 

Smart Apps and Solutions to enhance productivity

The Sony BRAVIA BZ35L comes with Android TV operating system, that includes built-in apps and solutions like screen mirroring, digital signage and automation. These smart features enable easy content sharing and enhance the display’s usability for business purposes.

Pro Settings to perfectly suit your Environment

This means it’s like having a personal assistant for your display where you can customize settings and operating modes to perfectly fit your corporate or retail needs. With Pro Settings, you can do amazing things like:

  • Disable input or remote control function. So no more unwanted tinkering or accidental button presses!
  • Schedule on/off times, so your display knows when to shine and when to take a break. 
  • Pro Settings mode lets you remove labels and block buttons, keeping your display safe from unwanted muddling
  • Customize and store display settings, creating your very own display masterpiece.
  • You can easily transfer these settings from one display to another using a USB flash memory.

The Sony BRAVIA BZ35L series is a true game-changer in the world of televisions. Unrivaled picture quality, immersive sound, smart features, and sleek design make it a game-changer. View the BZ35L series for various sizes and to purchase.