Meet the Neat Frame, your ultimate personal video companion for enhanced collaboration whether you’re at home or in the executive office. Perfectly suited for individuals spending extended hours in meetings, this device seamlessly pairs with laptops or desktop computers, freeing up valuable desktop space and allowing for uninterrupted productivity. With features like calendar synchronization, contact integration, and phone number linking, Neat Frame ensures a streamlined experience, enabling users to focus solely on productive collaboration.

Designed for versatility, Neat Frame extends beyond video meetings to enhance personal productivity and collaboration within Microsoft Teams. From interacting with Teams Chat to accessing Viva Insights for in-house communications, Neat Frame facilitates seamless integration with various Microsoft tools. Its interactive touchscreen enables creative annotations and whiteboarding, while future updates will introduce Microsoft Whiteboard functionality.

Additionally, Neat Frame’s slim footprint makes it ideal for focus rooms, booths, or pods, enabling effortless video collaboration for 1-2 individuals. With simple plug-and-play setup and remote management capabilities, Neat Frame offers a hassle-free solution for IT deployment and management. Whether as a hot desking solution or a shared room device, Neat Frame delivers an immersive video meeting experience, complete with Bluetooth headset support to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.

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