Poly Studio E60

Poly’s brand-new Studio E60’s smart camera helps you get the most of your meetings with Smart Mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) technology and Poly DirectorAI. The 12x optical zoom lets you zoom in on all the details and keeps your hybrid teams engaged. The zoom offers crisp, sharp and clearer images even if you were to zoom in to the back of the room.

Distractions Out

The Ultra-HD imaging system and 4K sensors in action is something to see for yourself. The Studio E60 camera helps keep distractions out and engagement in. The crystal-clear images create a visual experience that feels lifelike and true to reality, making virtual attendees feel more included and engaged. Who wouldn’t want to see every detail in 4K?

Power of Focus

Getting the most out of the Poly Studio E60 smart MPTZ optical zoom camera is easy. Main presenter in focus, team in sight, every detail noted. The Poly Studio E60 smart optical zoom camera harnesses AI-driven tracking and framing modes to make sure the focus stays on the all-important action. Main presenter in focus, team in sight, every detail noted. With every detail captured, presentations are easier to follow, making everyone’s job easier. Poly Studio E60 keeps the focus right where it belongs and serves as eyes for everyone.

Simplified Setup

Flexible connections and compatibility with top conferencing platforms keep you focused on your presentation. The simple setup makes this smart camera easy to use. Avoid meeting delays and kick off every meeting on time. Every minute counts. Let the E60 help make your meetings seamless and stress-free whether you’re the main presenter or not. Just plug it in to your platform of choice. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as the camera automatically adapts to changing room conditions so you can focus on what really matters — delivering a captivating experience to your audience.

Feature Focus

Learn about the key features of the Poly Studio E60.

  • Mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom – 12x optical zoom with pan range ±170° and tilt ±30°.
  • LED lights – LED for standby and power.
  • AI lens – Enables automatic tracking and framing, within 107° HFOV.
  • Remote control – Easy camera controls via Poly Studio E60 remote.
  • Ideal for large conference rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms
  • Ultra HD and 4K sensors
  • 12X optical zoom
  • 71-degree HFOV
  • Presenter tracking and group framing
  • USB connectivity

Adapts to You

Poly Studio E60 is ideal for large conference rooms, boardrooms, and even classrooms. Make sure your students pick up on every detail with true-life definition including small gestures and expressions even in large rooms with the 12x optical zoom. The great thing about the Studio E60 is that it lets everyone see what’s going on in the room. Presenter tracking and AI-driven framing modes make sure the focus stays on the all-important action so nobody misses a beat, no matter where they are. Nothing escapes the focus of the Poly Studio E60.

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