In hybrid work environments, seamless communication is crucial for promoting collaboration and productivity. AVI-SPL now offers Crestron 1 Beyond cameras, designed to transform hybrid meetings. These cameras feature advanced optical zoom capabilities, ensuring clarity for all participants, regardless of their distance from the camera. This makes even large-space interactions feel close and personal, whether attendees are present physically or connecting remotely.

1 Beyond cameras are compatible with Microsoft Teams® Rooms and Zoom Rooms® software, enhancing the meeting experience in medium to large rooms with sharp, intelligent video. When integrated with Crestron’s Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution, remote attendees gain a vivid view of the entire room, while those present can focus more on the discussion.

Top 1 Beyond Camera Features:

  • Ensures everyone is seen
  • Centers people within the frame
  • Quickly adjusts framing by ‘anticipating’ behavior
  • Changes views based on visual cues
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Broadcast quality image processing

The intuitive 1 Beyond Camera Manager software simplifies setup and monitoring, making installation straightforward. These cameras connect easily to any video conferencing system using standard outputs and can be installed in various configurations—upright, wall-inverted, wall-stacked, or ceiling-inverted—thanks to a patent-pending universal mount. With 1 Beyond cameras available at AVI-SPL Marketplace, your hybrid meetings are set to achieve new levels of clarity and effectiveness.

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