In the wild jungle of corporate world, having the right gadgets to communicate and collaborate is crucial. Optoma offers a amazing range of professional displays and projectors designed just for the corporate realm. In this blog, we will explore how some fo the Optoma products can revolutionize the way businesses operate.

Optoma N-Series Professional Display – a Video Conferencing Solution

N-Series Professional display

It’s a versatile solution to fit in the business needs. Available in 65”(N3651K), 75”(N3751K), 86”(N3861K) and 98”(N3981K) screen size.  With its mind-blowing 4K UHD resolution and colors, this makes your presentations, videos and images look sharp. Perfect for boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, reception. Need to connect all your gadgets? No problem! This display offers more connectivity options, making it easy to connect and share content from multiple sources.

Benefits of using Optoma display in Business

Optoma N-Series Professional Display

  • Available in different sizes to fit in various conference rooms or boardrooms.
  • This display is designed for continous operation, suitable for longer meetings or presentations without the need for frequent maintenance or downtime
  • It’s not just any ordinary sidekick – it’s optimized for all your conferencing needs, from capturing your good side with web cameras to pumping up the volume with Bluetooth speakers.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape orientation, so you can get your creative groove on no matter which way you turn.
  • Can easily connect to various devices, such as laptops, tablets, or video conferencing systems, enabling seamless collaboration and content sharing. This level of flexibility promotes efficient information exchange, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved productivity.

Optoma ZK430ST : A Compact Laser Projector for Conference rooms

This is a compact size and high-performance laser projector designed for small meeting rooms. It’s a short throw projector (0.496:1 Throw ratio), can display large images even in tight spaces, eliminating shadows and maximizing space utilization. Gives 3,700 Lumens brightness, a 4K UHD resolution with the Laser light source.

Benefits of using Optoma ZK430ST projector

  • It’s Compact, hassle free, easy to install and maintenance-free continuous operation.
  • As it’s short-throw lens, it can be positioned close to the wall for bright projections on meetings, discussions and multimedia presentations.
  • Offers extensive connectivity options that allows you to connect various devices such as laptops, gaming consoles and media players.
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient. Ensures a long product lifespan of up to 30,000 hours without the need of additional lamp

Optoma ZU725T Laser Projector for Large Professional Installations

Ideal for large venue Installations, conference rooms, venues or auditoriums that require high brightness. Comes with fancy dust-resistant IP5X certified optical engine for non-stop 24/7 operation. Projects 7,800 lumens of brightness and a sharp WUXGA resolution,  making it ideal solution for a professional environment.

Benefits of using Optoma ZU725T projector

  • Apart from high brightness, it’s got 4K and HDR Compatibility, offering stunny visuals
  • This projector can turn your landscape image to a portrait masterpiece, you can rotate it to 90 degrees.
  • It can summon true 3D content from just about any 3D source you throw at it, whether it’s 3D compatible graphics cards, 3D broadcasting, or the latest generation 3D media servers.
  • Comes with amazing Integrated warping and edge blending processor, these projectors can morph and blend seamlessly without any extra gadgets, saving you money and sparing you from installation headaches.
  • Equipped with another fancy motorized zoom and focus, full-on motorized lens shift, giving flexibility and ease of installation.
  • Two built-in 10W speakers that gives immersive multimedia experiences, so no need for external audio equipment.

From crystal-clear visuals and seamless connectivity to enhanced collaboration and professional image, the above products empower businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By investing in Optoma’s innovative solutions, companies can take their presentations, meetings, and conferences to the next level, ultimately driving success and growth.

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