Meet the Neat Bar Pro: a powerhouse of technology seamlessly integrated into a sleek, slimline device. Designed to elevate your meeting experience, this innovative solution empowers users to effortlessly navigate through presentations and discussions with crystal-clear audio and video quality. Whether driving three large screens or facilitating immersive collaboration, the Neat Bar Pro delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring every participant remains engaged and connected throughout any space.

Packed with cutting-edge features, the Neat Bar Pro sets a new standard for audiovisual excellence. Its advanced audio system, comprising a subwoofer with vibration cancellation and three full-range speakers, fills the room with rich, stereo sound, while a sophisticated 16x microphone array guarantees clear vocal pickup. Say goodbye to ‘double talk’ issues and background noise interference, thanks to Neat Audio Processing technology. Ideal for larger meeting spaces, the Neat Bar Pro’s camera configuration incorporates telephoto and wide-angle lenses, along with an image depth sensor, enabling impressive 16x zoom capabilities and lightning-fast image processing. Whether placed on a table or wall-mounted above or below screens, the Neat Bar Pro adapts effortlessly to any setup, providing everything needed for a seamless installation, including mounts and cables.

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