Unleash Your Productivity with Ultimate Focus

Introducing Zone Wireless 2: the superhero headset for high-skilled employees who want laser-focused productivity. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to unparalleled attention with AI noise suppression, four noise-canceling mics, and hybrid ANC.

Enhanced Communication Clarity with Zone Wireless 2 headset

With the help to Advanced Call clarity, you can avoid  noisy environments. With Logi Tune, you can download your very own “mute the madness” app and hear your teammates loud and clear. Get it now at logitech.com/tune, the App Store, or Google Play store.  You can drown out the chaos and rock those virtual meetings!

Optimize Noise Control with a Customizable Headset

Again with Logi Tune, you can be the boss of your surroundings. Need laser focus? Activate ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) high mode. Want to stay in the loop? Switch to ANC low mode. And for those moments when the outside world calls, transparency mode has got your back. It’s the noise control chameleon!

Logitech zone wireless 2 headset

Immerse in Serene silence with this headset

Bid farewell to barking dogs, chatty coworkers, and even the dreaded HVAC hum. With four noise-canceling mics, silence is golden. Get uninterrupted productivity and avoid the unwanted noise for you to take those important calls like a boss!

Logitech zone wireless 2 headset

Achieve Long-Term Sustainability and Durability

Zone Wireless 2 saves the planet and your eardrums! With replaceable battery and earpads, this headset is built to last longer. It’s made with low-carbon aluminum and recycled plastic, proving its sustainability while enjoying epic durability.

Delve into an Unparalleled Audio Experience with Zone Wireless 2

Comes with a massive 1.57-inch drivers and dynamic EQ, Zone Wireless 2 delivers audio for exceptional conversation and music that will make your socks dance off your feet . And don’t forget the Logi Tune app, you can customize your audio experience.

Experience Uninterrupted Connectivity with USB-C receiver

With its USB-C receiver, it’s like having a brainy sidekick that knows exactly when to switch between headset audio and computer audio. With multipoint Bluetooth® technology, you can effortlessly juggle between devices. No more connection headaches and hello to seamless productivity across all your platforms.

Final verdict

With AI noise suppression, four noise-canceling mics, and hybrid ANC, distractions don’t stand a chance. Plus, Zone wireless 2 got customizable noise control, sustainability, and immersive audio. And let’s not forget the seamless connectivity that’ll make you feel like a tech wizard. Get ready to level up your work game and unleash the power of focus with Zone Wireless 2.

And don’t forget the USB-A Charging Stand…..

Keep your Zone Wireless 2 headset perched on its fancy USB-A charging stand. With a quick glance at the light indicator, you’ll know if your headset is charging or fully powered, saving you from the dreaded empty-battery blues. And the best part? Your desk stays as clean and organized as a minimalist’s dream. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a fully charged and fabulous headset whenever you need it.

Order the Logitech zone Wireless 2 headset now and transform your workspace