Tired of switching between your business headset and earphones for casual listening? The Poly Voyager Free 60+ is here to save your day as it serves as both your business headset and true wireless earphones – all in one package! With a discreet design, active noise cancellation, and excellent sound quality, these earbuds are perfect for office professionals and audiophiles alike. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of the Poly Voyager Free 60+ earbuds.

poly free 60+ side view close up

Sleek & Ergonomic Design

The discreet, AirPod-like design of the Voyager Free 60+ makes it an inconspicuous choice for taking calls in the office. The ball-and-stem design ensures a snug and secure fit, while three pairs of silicone eartips offer the right size for every user. Its matte finish, available in Carbon Black or White Sand, adds a touch of class and sophistication.

Active Noise Cancellation

Poly Voyager Free 60+ features Adaptive ANC, which automatically adjusts the noise cancellation level based on your surroundings. While perhaps not as effective as competing ANC earphones from Apple, Bose, or Sony, it still provides decent noise reduction across various frequencies.

Still, it’s pretty great considering these are earbuds. 

Impressive Sound Quality

These earbuds are equipped with 10mm drivers offering a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz for multimedia. Despite the compact design, the Voyager Free 60+ delivers powerful and clear audio, making them perfect for music and work calls alike.

We were actually quite surprised at how good music sounded. Plenty of bass with no real noticeable distortion/

Multipoint Connectivity & Latest Bluetooth Codec Support

With Bluetooth 5.3 and support for AAC, AptX, SBC, and mSBC codecs, the Voyager Free 60+ provides stable and high-quality wireless audio. Additionally, it supports multipoint connectivity, allowing you to switch seamlessly between your phone and computer.

It should be noted that there can sometimes be a delay between the computer or TV and the Free 60+, but that could be said for nearly all Bluetooth earbuds in this price range.

free 60 plus with smart case

Innovative Touchscreen Charging Case

The Poly Voyager Free 60+’s touchscreen charging case not only provides additional battery life but also allows you to control volume, mute/unmute calls, and toggle between ANC and Ambient listening modes. Its smart design makes it a perfect desktop companion for professionals on the go.

Will they last an entire workday? Absolutely, but if for some reason you forgot to charge the night before and you have a meeting coming up, they also offer a 15-minute fast charge that will provide over an hour of talk time.

Seamless Integration with Poly Lens App

You can further customize your listening experience using the Poly Lens app, available for both mobile and desktop platforms. The app allows you to control various settings, manage firmware updates, and monitor earbud battery life. IT

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