The Microsoft Teams Experience with Poly

Poly offers a broad range of Microsoft Teams certified solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into your workspace, whether you’re at home or in the office. Their devices provide professional-grade audio and video capabilities, ensuring you have the tools you need to collaborate effectively.

Certified Webcam Solution – Studio P5

One standout product is the Poly Studio P5 USB webcam, designed to enhance your video calls wherever you are. With exceptional camera optics and automatic low-light compensation, you’ll always look your best, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Plus, the camera’s focus is tailored to keep the spotlight on you, minimizing distractions from your surroundings.

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Investing in a professional webcam like the P5 can significantly improve your day-to-day meetings, benefiting both you and your fellow attendees. Poly offers Microsoft Teams devices for all workstyles and spaces – video conferencing, headsets, phones, speakerphones and services. Explore Poly’s full range of Microsoft Teams devices to find the perfect fit for your workstyle.