If you’re looking for an improved way to protect your critical tech from power surges than the traditional PDU or UPS device, then we encourage you to check out these dynamic, network enabled power distribution units, RLNK-415R and RLNK-P915R from Middle Atlantic. 

Let’s explore the features and benefits of the RLNK-415R and RLNK-P915R, and discover how RackLink™ is revolutionizing power distribution.

Introducing RLNK-415R:  4 Outlet, IP Controlled Power Solution


The RLNK-415R PDU is small but mighty. With three rear outlets and one front outlet, this rackmount unit shields your precious devices from power surges and spikes, while staying out of the way. The RLNK-415R is the perfect companion to keep your digital signage or video tiles up and running. 

Maximize Power Distribution Flexibility: RLNK-P915R –  9 Outlet, IP Controlled Power SolutionRLNK-P915R

Middle Atlantic’s RLNK-P915R takes power distribution seriously.  Behind the sleek, efficient design,  there are eight rear outlets and one front outlet. The rackmount unit combines functionality and ease of use well. 

How do RLNK-415R and RLNK-P915R benefit business?

They offer several benefits that make them stand out in the realm of power distribution units. Here are some key advantages:

Supercharge Your AV System with RackLink Integration

Both the RLNK-P915R and RLNK-415R come with RackLink, that’ll make your installation a breeze and keep those service costs in check. It saves your day and make your AV systems run smoother than a jazzed-up jam session.

What is RackLink™? Check out this great RackLink overview vide:

Optimized Intelligent Power Management

Say goodbye to power struggles and hello to optimized power for your AV systems. They ensure that your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Boost Efficiency and Savings with Remote Power Monitoring and Control

With RackLink, you can become the ultimate power master, even from afar. No more running around and tinkering with physical equipment. Now, with just a few clicks, you can monitor power usage, troubleshoot like a pro, and perform power resets without even touching a single wire. So you have the ability to control and command your equipment from the comfort of your own place.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Environmental Monitoring

The RLNK-P9415R model offers the option to add accessory sensors so that you’ll be able to keep tabs on the temperature and humidity like a pro. No more worrying over your sensitive equipment for getting all hot and bothered. With this magical monitoring system, it makes sure that it stays cool, calm, and collected.

Proactive Alerts: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

The RackLink integration provides proactive alerts, always on the lookout for power anomalies or issues and ready to give you a heads-up. No more sneaky power surprises or equipment meltdowns for you! With these alerts by your side, you’ll be able to swoop in and save the day before disaster strikes.

Exploring the Versatile Options for Your Need

 Whether you’re into half-rack, vertical, compact, or traditional rackmount designs, this RLNK-415R has got you covered.  This provides flexibility in choosing the right fit for your AV system

Racklink™ Cloud Benefits



Racklink cloud is a feature that is associated with  the RLNK-P915R and other Permium+ models. It has amazing features that can benefit businesses. Here are some highlights:

  • No extra equipment needed
  • Flexible device control
  • Intuitive interface
  • Map out PDU structure across organizations
  • Gain real-time insights of power consumption, voltage conditions, and draw of each PDU
  • Remote power cycling
  • Instant notifications of power events

These features make Racklink™ Cloud a versatile and comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their cloud infrastructure, storage, and connectivity.

RackLink™ and Symphony for Intelligent Power Management


Combine RackLink™ with AVI-SPL’s Symphony platform to revolutionize the way audiovisual systems are managed and controlled.
With RackLink’s intelligent power management solutions and Symphony’s magical platform, it’s like having a team of AV professionals at your service.

RackLink™ and Symphony have your back, ensuring smooth operation and preventing any AV mishaps. Learn more about AVLSPL Symphony

Powerful, yet Cost-Effective

If you think that with all these problem-solving features come with at steep price, think again.  Starting at an MSRP under $500, these PDUs fit most everyone’s budget.

Whether you’re a pro working on a musical studio masterpiece, or the one responsible for keeping your company power running no matter what, you’ll rest easier knowing the RLNK-415R and RLNK-P915R PDUs have got your back.

To purchase the RLNK-415R and RLNK-P915R power solutions, check out the links below: